Develop a PATCH protocol using dataset normalisation

@bblfish wrote:

DataSet normalisation is important for signing graphs. One proposal is RDF Dataset Normalizationdeveloped by Digital Bazaar @msporny and @dlongley .
This allows one to sign graphs containing bnodes, by detailing a proceedure to name bnodes in a graph in a deterministic way.

This can be used to create a very simple and efficient PATCH protocol to allow PATCHing graphs with bnodes that would function like this:

  1. the client normalises the graph
  2. this can be used to create a very simple PATCH for graphs containing bnodes
    such as PATCH ADD { :normalisedbnode_1 foaf:knows :normalisedbnode_2 . }
  3. connect to the resource send the PATCH
  4. the server normalises the graph, applies the patch to the normalised graph, and can then translate those changes if needed to the original graph.


This can be used to resolve the main bnode issue.

This does not mean of course that one should only use bnodes.

Note: it may be that the graph normalisation needed for this is a subset of the graph normalisation needed for signing graphs.

There has been some discussion on with @msporny and would like to invite more here.