Modelling changes to Graphs in OWL/RDF

Background: I have a node Character, which can have a Task (of type time:Interval). Upon the completion of the task I want to model an EndState representing the changes that will be made to the game state

The initial objective is to create a Task of subtype Transit, which should model an EndState changing the Character’s location (a simple pointer to a resource, I’m avoiding lat/lng)

Fantastic reference on the topic:

Another task is that of remote editing of an RDF graph. Here, changes are sent to the graph

Any insight into the problem (even in other domains) is greatly appreciated, also opening this up for general discussion

(I’m aiming to build an open-source platform for creating and playing federated Multi User Domains. It’s very early days but I’ve made a start. Interested on working on this project with me ?)

My initial attraction is to Delta, because I think it makes the problem simple and easy to visualise for my use case

They propose an ontology that handles a change to a graph at the triple level captured as a set of triples to be deleted and a set of triples to be added

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I’m planning to store EndState as a collection of triples representing the consequences of a Task. There may be complexities I suppose as Tasks become more complex but at the moment that looks okay :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you familiar with the Solid Terms ontology? It supports this kind of usage:

@prefix solid: <>.
@prefix log: <>.
@prefix rdfs: <>.

  a solid:Patch;
  solid:patches rdfs:Resource;
  solid:deletes log:Formula;
  solid:inserts log:Formula;
  solid:where log:Formula

I wasn’t but this is perfect ! Thanks :slight_smile:

Actually I also just discovered SWAP

I found this one tool but discovering ontologies for the first time is still often difficult :sweat_smile:

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Yep, ontologies can be difficult to find. Here’s another ontology search tool:

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Also and asking in the gitter chatroom can be quite handy,.

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The Nepomuk ontologies might by useful for your state descriptions, see

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