Created a Perl client for Solid-OIDC


For your information. I’ve created a first version of a Perl module that can authenticate against the Solid-OIDC (tested the community server and inrupt server). The source is available at GitHub - phochste/Web-Solid-Auth: A Perl Solid authentication tool (OIDC) and contains also a command line tool to login into a POD and add Authentication and DPoP headers to a curl command:

    # Authenticate against a POD authenticate

    # Given an authenticated server, execute curl commands against it curl GET curl POST \
                    -H "Content-Type: text/plain" \
                    -d "abc"

If the are some Perl coders here who like to join in to make this code a bit more stable, that would be great.


Nice work!! :slightly_smiling_face: