Connect 2 PODS to each other

Is there any way I can access one POD from another POD?
That is, I authenticate myself into one POD and from that POD I’m able to access the other POD without the need of authentication again?

Theoretically, yes, it is possible to configure access permissions on Pod A to allow the owner of Pod B to access data in there. In practice, it’ll be up to the apps you use to write data to your Pod to support such a flow.

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Suppose you want access pod B from being connected with pod A using SolidOS with webId C
There are 2 conditions:

  • pod A and pod B ACL’s must allow the webId C like everyone READ
  • the webId C profile must contain the pim:storage triple of both pod’s
<webId C> pim:storage <pod A>, <pod B>.

The dashboard vue will give you access to both pods.


Thanks for the information. Really helpful