Common standards for visual data representation


I’ve been looking for common standards for representing data in RDF, JSON etc ready for visualisation (eg for graphs, trees, charts etc), but without much luck.

I’m surprised how little there appears to be to find in this area. Let me know if you know of anything relevant.

My search for visualisation data standards has so far found few docs:

Vega is promising: documented JSON formats for a wide range of visualisations, and with a JSON schema for validation and transformation. So fingers crossed Vega will be fairly easy to transform for use by other systems such as d3.


Very interesting! Will this work with the Unison distributed computation language?

If so I look forward to speaking in Unison and creating, saving, and sharing Vega interactive visualization designs :grinning: … or as David described in your genetic algorithm topic;
“to use actors and Unison (+Vega?) along with diversity search based cppn’s/hyperneat and for groups or network of actors to work together in the physical world”.


Not sure if it is helpful but I came across Pietra: An active introduction introduction on how to change the world through art the other day

Wondering if there is a possible connection between “Visualization Grammar” and an “Art, with computing, programming, and AI based deployment platform”?

In theory … “a declarative language for creating, saving, and sharing interactive visualization designs” combined with “peer based certifications, and peer based valuation, based on group participation of collective (interactive visualization design) action”.

Pietra say they will develop a peer certification process for: Symbolic Systems 001:: Ai, Programming, and Machine Learning Concepts and Ethics … which could support a Data Governance cert standards approach.


The only candidate so far seems to be Vega and Vega Lite, each of which have a JSON Schema (one compiles to the other).

These appear to be very suitable for my needs, and come with a suite of tools for creating and editing the schema and corresponding ‘specification’ for a visualisation, plus lots of visual interpretations (visualisations) of those specifications.

So pretty much everything I was looking for, and some. I’m still exploring, but this looks very promising at this stage, with programming libraries and documentation, and a helpful community to answer my questions.

You can see some of my notes in the Visualisation Lab topic:

And on the SAFE Network forum: