Common Core Ontology with Linked Data

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Nevermind, I’d be happy to rework on the project if I can help.

Does Transition network already use holacraty as organisation strategy ?
Hola circles can be mapped to Solid groups, with specific authorization.

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I’ll try and take a look in a few days

Yes, mostly.

  • Transition Network’ one of the charities/organisations which supports the movement does.
  • When collaborating internationally the regional/national ‘Hubs’ do.
  • When working at a national level of scale most hubs have elements of holocracy/sociocracy in their decision making.
  • The picture for Groups at the local level is less clear, many probably do, some probably do not

Yes, it’s not ideal that Cloudron is closed source, It does make a whole range of FOSS Webservices more accessible to small/medium organisations though. We made the compromise to use it. I’d hope they might exit to community if they ran into financial trouble, although couldn’t guarantee it of course

OK no worries, is the codebase maintained? Is it just your instance that isn’t very maintained?

Yes this sounds very interesting! It would be great to do a call in the new year.

Again I’d encourage you to connect with Linked Open Actors who are also working on Activitypub based data transfer. A shared ontology and data model seems very desirable from where I’m sitting.

One of datasets I’m interested in exists partially in Kartevonmorgen and partially in Transiscope I realise the organisational mapping is only part of the picture, but if these two systems could be interoperable on at least the organisation level then I think that would be great.

I believe Linked Open Actors/ Kartevonmorgen are collaborating with https:// .joinmobilizon .org for the calendar piece, again using Activitypub.

Dear @samuk, ooh such a nice story the Exit to community !

About Archipel, yes the source code is maintained, you’ll find it here : GitHub - assemblee-virtuelle/semapps: A toolbox to create web semantic applications - However we are currently moving it to an automous repository, what should be done since the end of the year I think …

In the coming months, we’ll have several specific “products” built on top on SemApps :

  • Archipelago : Collaborative knowledge bases for federated autonomous organizations
  • Organigraph : Shared governance management tool
  • ActivityPods : Personal Online DataStores based on SOLID & ActivityPub
  • And nice graph editing and visualisation interfaces

Then …

  • About a call … we could schedule a videoconference on 7, 8 or 9 February … Would it be good for you ?
  • About LinkedOpen Actors, it’s a good idea, we are going to contact them !
  • About interoperability between Kartevonmorgen and Transiscope, I will talk to Transiscope.

See you,

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Hello @GuillaumeAV and @Smag0 about shared governance holacracy and sociocratie.

There is a project, I am part of, in Transition Network (TN) called “Municipalities in Transition” since 2017 to provide systemic tools and methods to municipalities to really do a transition.
It is using and promoting the use of the Sociocratie 3.0.

I think that it would be good to use the Sociocratie 3.0 as a basis for shared governance as it is an open source which is not the case of holacracy and it integrates the sociocracy 2.0 + holacracy.

On Shared governance TN works with the “Université du Nous” and the TN Hub, in Belgium, is providing trainings on it. I just did one provided specifically to the Hubs of the TN called “Consent Decision Making”. It is using the Colibris / Université du Nous MOOC Gouvernance partagée data (video, files,…) subtitled.

For the videoconference, I would prefer the Monday 7th or Tuesday 8th of February but in the evening (after 18h30) or Wednesday 9th of February in the afternoon.
See you,

The Bonfire initiative are planning Sociocracy for their own project governance, and they also plan to build modules that support the Sociocracy Pattern Library. It is a very interesting addition to other modules they already offer, like the one implementing Valueflows.

Do you or @Smag0 do some work already to turn these into Linked Data ontologies already? And do you have some links to TN to look at? Who knows here’s some more opportunities for true future ActivityPub + Solid interop :smiley:

Update: Here’s a response of the team on way forward after getting up and running on initial release:

once we’ll release a stable version of bonfire social, one of the plan is to estabilish a way to gather priorities and needs from different communities and create roadmaps that follow such inputs, so that it could be somehow easier to get the needed fund to develop/test/iterate on modules if we manage to find shared needs across different communities and let them participate in different stages of the development

Hello aschrijver,
@samuk is in the best position to answer for TN on the solution to use a tool to manage shared governance / Sociocratie 3.0. On my site I can ask the association Colibris and Université du Nous, who are using a lot Sociocratie if they know about a software developments and who could be a contact for Linked Data ontologies. I am think that @GuillaumeAV have direct contacts already with Colibris through the Transiscope projet.


Hello @aschrijver,
Josué told me that is providing a tool already :
Let met check if they would be interested in joining the discussion.


Hi & happy new year everybody !

Thank you @aschrijver for your tips …

This topic will interest @srosset81 who is working on shared governance management tools with us, Université du nous & Colibris …

Bonfire is a very cool project, we met them and we are starting a first collaboration: As a fiscal host, we host them on open collective :slight_smile:

But we need to better understand who our projects can can become complementary…

About a video conference, @JeanPaulGrange & all it will finally be difficult to organize something in early February for us.
I’ll propose something a little later… To share our respective projects and discuss about collaborations & complementarities …
And a little news, @srosset81 should present our Activity Pods project during the next Solid World conference !


@GuillaumeAV @JeanPaulGrange I’m still keen to get a call in the diary sometime that’s good for you.

As an aside I spotted this project using Matrix as the data store. I’ve not looked at it closely. Would it be possible to store a Solid pod there I wonder?