Can I use an arbitrary hostname when installing Solid using certbot?


I am following this link: to install my Solid server. I was wondering if I have to use an active Web hostname in this step:

certbot certonly --authenticator standalone -d <hostname>

I tried to use an arbitrary hostname but did not work. Since I don’t have an active Web host for myself, what hostname should I use?


You will find more information there node-solid-server with details on test installations.

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Have you added your hostname to /etc/hosts?

Thanks for the link! I followed it to use openssl to generate keys locally, and was able to start solid server with the keys. It is a bit confusing to me that the Github talks about using bin/solid-test but the normal solid seems to be working for me.

Just to clarify that I didn’t add my hostname to /etc/hosts. I was using a random hostname. After changing to use openssl to generate cert and key files locally, I no longer needed to specify the hostname to solid.