Can a resource be predicated by more than one basic container?

been studying and node-solid-server examples and docs looking for a way to have the object(Resource) predicated by at least 2 or more containers(Subjects).

Is there an example I missed?


The basic containers of LDP tend to be used as a hierarchy, like the unix file system (without hard links) so a file can only be in one directory. But in RDF in general, you can have any combination of triples in any shape, so if you use a different predicate from ldp:contains then yes. What is the use case?


Thanks @timbl,

I’m experimenting with satisfying on the client side the functionality of node fs API for the ismorphic-git library

I learned with a Slug & LInk [‘; rel=“type”’] to create an empty container.

Now was looking for a way to emulate a symlink as a secondary container predicating the same Resource or Container already in another container. Was looking for a way [Slug-like] to pass the path along and also indicate some how this secondary container represents a symlink.

My project is now up on git


Please check out my recently released library solid-file-client which has some overlap with yours:

Yes, I know.

In my case I need to register the fs with isomorphic-git and meet their plugin usage of a nodejs like fs

The tough part right now is the lack of a sym link emulation with the pod interface; the beginning of this thread is about more than one basic container predicating a Resource or a child Container. I believe it is possible; rdf and LDP look more than capable

Good luck, looks like you have a great start.

I’m back looking into this. Forked and attempting to add sending a symbolic-link along with a slug. Not fully certain how to modify ResourceMapper yet.

Without a doubt the behavior of a linux fs needs completion so a pod can be used as it was described as a internet thumb drive