Adding index to indicate type of information in a pod

Hi everyone

I am currently part of a group at Aalborg University, that wants to optimize searching through pods for relevant data.
Currently we are discussing if we could add some form of index like in other decentralized networks, that does not fulfill privacy preservation.
This index would NOT contain any of the information in your pod, but ONLY bits (initial thougts, probably changes over time) that describes given groups/genres/topics that your pod contains information about. Would this break the solid principles?

Furthermore, we are in doubt if your name is publicly accesible or if you could act as an anonymous pod?

Thank you in advance

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Are you already aware of type indexes? If not, take a look at this document and also you can search for Type index in this forum to find some more information. I haven’t yet used it myself though. There’s also some criticism in how far this can solve problems in the long term, in case you’re interested there is a related discussion in this forum and the related blog post.

A web id is not necessarily tied to a real-life person, but can be any abstract entity. It could be a person, an organization, a bot, an encyclopedia, etc. Therefore, it may or may not have a name.
Also, the pod and the web id can be separated. To my knowledge, a pod could belong to one single user, or multiple users, or probably even no users at all and a user may have multiple pods as well. The connections between pods and persons come from the fact that web IDs and their profiles can declare that “this and this and this are my pods” and in the pods the resources have permissions that say “this web id has these access rights to this resource”.

Thank you very much!
We will take a look at the discussion