ACL file: append to specific scheme

I am working on a commenting system for my Solid prototype application.
I would like the commenter to add a link to the comment (in the POD of the commenter) by appending it to the original post (in the POD of the poster).
When I grant the commenter the append permission in the ACL file, the commenter can append to every property of the post. Is it possible to grant the commenter access to the append function for only the schem:comment property of the posts? That way the commenter would be able to create a link to his or her comment, but he or she would not be able to add anything else.

Example posts.ttl file:

@prefix : <#>.
@prefix terms: <>.
@prefix schem: <>.
@prefix com: <comments.ttl#>.


    a schem:SocialMediaPosting;
    schem:comment com:1570612313_O21IY, com:1570612352_PMPQG;
    schem:dateCreated "2019-10-09T08:30:12Z"^^schem:DateTime;
    schem:text "Test"^^schem:Text.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this!

I don’t think that that’s currently possible, but you could perhaps create a different .ttl file to include comments, refer to that (e.g. rdfs:seeAlso?), then apply an ACL to that? Then you could just parse only the links to comments from that file.

(Note: I’m relatively new to Linked Data, so don’t take my word as gospel.)

That is my current solution as well.
Too bad that it is currently not possible to limit the append permission though. It would be a great feature in my opinion.

I will use the separate file instead. Thank you for your thoughts!

I do believe there are ambitions to have more granular access controls, although there are many technical and UX challenges. If you (or anyone reading along) would be interested in getting involved with that, I think you can check out the Authorization and Access Control Panel, a group of people thinking about how to solve those challenges.