Access and store personal data, and control personal data accordingly


The Solid Project knows that all rights to the Privacy Data can be controlled by the owner.

But as far as I know, if you have access to data from the outside, you can store it from the outside, and you have to limit it so that you can control your personal information completely. What solutions we you have?

Or is the Solid project just for client apps without servers? Or is it simply aimed at guaranteeing the rights of personal information to users?


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My question is not the vision of the project but the technical solution. The contents of the link you provided cannot be found to prevent the external server from storing the personal information stored in the pod.


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The technical solution can be found here

The technical solution is being developed using the following process if you are interested in joining.

Indeed, there is nothing technically stopping the Pod provider taking the personal data in Solid. Self-hosting your Pod would be a more secure path.



A partial solution is to use Solid apps on decentralised secure, encrypted storage such as SAFE Network (see post below).

This eliminates pod providers giving you control over your data. Apps could still copy it, but I think that’s a simpler issue to solve particularly on SAFE. See: