What app would you love to see on Solid?

An app to track health data. Personally, I don’t track that many different aspects, but I keep regular track of my weight via Apple’s Health app and I think that such an app would fit nicely in the Solid ecosystem. You control your highly personal health data and choose to share it with certain apps (such as this health app), devices (such as smart scales), and other people (such as doctors).


I’m working on a mashup of W3C Linked Building Data, SSN, IoT-Lite and Project Haystack and this would be outstanding.

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So …
No windows 10 option yet ?

Thanks for the link. This visualization is very cool, allthough I’m looking into something more simple. My idea of a target audience for whattheontology were app devs (with no or little linked-data knowledge) that are looking into how to structure their data. I imagine that a lot of devs are used to just call their db-columns whatever they like. In the solid world they have to find an ontology that matches their needs.

I’d like to create a search engine that simplifies this process. I’d like to support this process by some kind of visualisation, allhtough I haven’t quite figured out how this would look like. I’m focussing in a first step to add the possibility to add ontologies to the index by providing a URL.

@tuelsch as an outsider looking in I think Ontologies are a bit of a stumbling block for people who just want to build something; (actually I’ve just given up lol) but recently, I was after adding some linked data to website, and I had no idea what to use; luckily Google has a “selector” tool that allowed me to choose what I wanted, and I just fill in the details, which is what I did, then I had my linked data set, and I knew it was compatible with Google Search tools. But if you did a UI like this, https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/article where you just pick something that suits your need, maybe a 1st, 2nd level search if required. Anyway, I think it would make things a lot easier.

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Media player.

Audio and Video player for playing content (music and movies) on my POD and also on friends and FOAF PODs, subject to their sharing permissions.
I could copy my whole movie & music collections up there and play it form anywhere in my house, office, hotel room, or whatever.


Purchase Log

A history of everything I buy. Initially it might just include Amazon, Ebay, Newegg, blinds.com - online stuff captured by Browser plug-ins or DPI. Later we might add the ability of link with my bank to track all credit card purchases.
This would give me the ability to see what model of something I bought, and when, exactly what I paid, find out if the warranty is up, re-order (or check current prices elsewhere), etc.


Or more generally - a browser-to-pod saving mechanism which would allow storage of all forms, bookmarks, passwords, etc. and would support the pod as a location in file upload and download dialogs.


Login to all the 100’s of discussion/support forums with Solid Pod would be awesome. Starting the support from biggest platforms like disqus, phpbb etc.

Many times I would add a short comment or even just a like to a post on some random forum, and can’t be bothered creating account for that single action.

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Gitlab or Git server on Solid

Existing solutions for version control hosting like Github or Gitlab have a few problems:

It would be great if version control can work with Solid so you can host and share projects with friends.

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Github needs some new paradigms for cooperating on software. For example, beyond the stars, there must be other incentives and tools that could be invented to help people to work together. The distributed and linked nature of Solid may lend itself to that.

One thing that comes to mind is sort of a distributed journal, that could be kept on each participants pod and that could act as a sort of history combined with a sort of loose plan or planner. Each participant could be incentivized to keep a journal about a project and related projects along the lines of “this is what I did today, and this other thing occurred to me today, and this is how today I think these things should fit together, but yesterday I was thinking something different”. Then maybe the journals of all the participants could somehow (?) be stitched together for a history or maybe even a plan. I realize all the history is in the repositories already but in journal form with some indication of meaning from the participant it would be more useful.


I would like to see an app similar to 2012-2014 youtube mixed with twitch where there’s only a gaming community. It will summarise all the topics that have to do with gaming, such as events, upcoming games, reviews and gameplay live and edited as an uploaded video. A lot of people would benefit from it, a lot of developers and content creators could create content and it would bring in a lot of new people and companies to promote it. I speak for the younger generation and game lovers ; )

Hi !
As an extension to Stitch626 suggestion, I think a podcast management app would be cool. Podcasts are already a decentralized media, so everything is on the Web and hooked up to RSS.



@zwifi I really like that as an app idea! I think rather than mimicking other management apps you could build it to take advantage of the potentially more interesting features of Solid.

As for the app idea protection, you can find here some thoughts - https://appus.software/blog/how-to-protect-app-ideas-from-being-stolen

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A random TED talk generator that uses data shapes for different kinds of TED talks and then fills in with random words or phrases the user chooses would be a lot of fun.

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Agree Open Office with a port to run on Solid would be a start. Just to use Solid as its cloud. Then for extra credit, use Solid User Preferences for preferences. Anyone know the Libre people?


Yes. I have thought about an email client. One which will pull IMAP data and store an image of it in your pod, and provide the usual email functionality but also extra like doing solid things with messages (opening a chat about them, connecting them to to-do lists, etc).

There is code which converts an rfc822 email message into N3 somewhere


Something like Meetup.com, Solid Meetup
Or to connect one of the existing meetup clones. https://github.com/coderbyheart/open-source-meetup-alternatives

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