Web-oidc app centric workflow

Is there somewhere an example in code of this:

Detailed App Centric Workflow

Where an app via it’s webId is given access to a resource of a user. I’ve implemented this by setting the webId programmatically in an .acl file via a Solid client app, but I now see that there exists a flow specific for that, but I don’t seem to find any more information.

That document is very out of date and should not be treated as part of the spec. The most current version of all specs is always at Solid Technical Reports.

The interoperability panel is developing detailed plans for application registration and workflow. At the moment it is in draft and although implementations are being worked on, none exist now AFAIK.


Inrupt does implement a client registration workflow See Authenticate Client Applications (Browser & Node.JS) — Inrupt JavaScript Client Libraries

The most recent spec on client registrations is at Solid-OIDC


Hi @Frederik,

As @jeffz pointed out, what you are describing could be related to the Client Credentials authentication flow, where an application is given a client ID/secret pair to be able to log in into an Identity Provider, which is supported by the Inrupt Identity Provider and client libraries. You may want to have a look at Application Registration, which is a page where you can register an application so that it may act on your behalf.

If you have a specific use case in mind, be aware that this topic is being discussed by the Authentication Panel, and although no spec has been produced for this yet, it pops up multiple times in recent meeting minutes. Feel free to join panel discussions, even just once, to describe your use case.