Use solid-file-client together with solid-auth-client


I am wondering how to use solid-file-client with an app already authenticated with solid-auth-client. Is it possible to pass over a session object, @jeffz?


Ah - Ok no need for passing an Object, the session is shared automagically…

Solid-auth-client is bundled with solid-file-client so you don’t need to call it explicitly. Just use solid-file-client’s popupLogin() or login() methods - those call solid-auth-client behind the scenes to perform the login. Once you’re logged in, you don’t need to specifically manage the session, your browser will remember it without you doing anything.

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And yes, if you’ve already used’ solid-auth-client’s login() directly, the session will be recognized by solid-file-client automagically.

“the session will be recognized by solid-file-client automagically”: True, but how to “delete” the session to be able to test the solid-auth-client ?

You can use the browser Dev tools to delete some or all of the things saved in browser local storage.

solid-auth-client does the session in local storage and it’s easy to identify (it’s called session or something similar), so you can click on it and delete just that if you want, although generally I delete everything!

This works (of course …)
Thanks a lot from a newbie !