Tripledoc deleting subject returns 409

Hello I’m working on my first solid app and I’m having trouble with updates and deletes with Tripledoc. I’ve reduced my problem down to this situation:
My ttl document contains a single subject of type schema.MonetaryAmount with an amount and currency fields set to 1.0 and “USD” respectively.

@prefix : <#>.
@prefix schem: < schema . org/>.

a schem:MonetaryAmount; schem:amount 1.0; schem:currency "USD".

When I invoke tripledoc document remove subject then document save I get this error:
Uncaught (in promise) Error: The patch could not be applied. Could not find to delete: <pod url#160564406008210418706675407852> <schema . org/amount> "1.0"^^<XMLSchema#decimal> .

the http PATCH request response is 409. The request body (sent from tripledoc ) is:
DELETE DATA {<pod url#160564406008210418706675407852> a <schema . org/MonetaryAmount>;
<schema . org/amount> “1.0”^^<XMLSchema#decimal>;
<schema . org/currency> “USD”.

If I run this same logic of (add subject, save, remove subject, save) after each other (re-using the triple doc document instance), then I don’t see the 409 problem. What is going on here?

Here is the sample code to reproduce the issue:

Thank you.

ps I had to omit a bunch of URLs because the forum only allows 2 links per post for new users.

Edit: clarified some URLs

Could the problem be related to initializing the pod document once versus twice?

Ah sorry Stewart, I’d missed this post (I follow the Build a Solid app topic, not this one). But to loop back to people coming across this in the future: it was reported here as well, where I diagnosed it as actually being an issue with Node Solid Server, which I reported here:

Thus, the code was correct, and the app should work as intended for users using different Solid servers.