Solid World October

One week from today! Join us at Solid World October for a fascinating presentation and panel discussion on how Solid empowers organizations to meet—and significantly exceed—new data regulations.

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This month we heard a fascinating panel discussion on Solid and how it empowers organizations to meet—and even exceed—data regulations. Eliott Behar, a privacy and human rights attorney, Davi Ottenheimer, VP of Digital Trust and Ethics at Inrupt, and Michiel Fierens, doctoral researcher at SolidLab Flanders, participated, and Esther de Loof of SolidLab Flanders joined as a special moderator. Thank you to our speakers and moderator!

Here is the recorded session: Solid World October 2022

Please find below the links from the session.

Links from Solid World on October 13, 2022

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