Solid CMS - options for document creation and management

I’m interested in compiling a list of options for creating and managing documents with Solid apps.

Suitable apps can be anything from a file manager with an editor, to an RDF aware authoring Solid app.

If you have suggestions to add to this list, please reply and include a link, with a sentence or so on features, pros, cons etc if you have used it.

I haven’t used anything for this yet so will start with a couple and add info later (or feel free to add notes here yourself if you have used these).

Document Creation and Management (CMS)

Ontologies - Document Markup

Document content could be serialised in all manner of markup formats as part of an RDF resource (such as RDF, XHTML, rich text and so on) but are there options that keep the markup itself in RDF?

  • RDFa seems the default for rich markup
  • markdown-RDFa - a python markdown extension
  • any others to consider?

Ontologies - Document Metadata

  • SPAR Ontologies includes some that might be relevant, such as:
    • the Document Components Ontology (DoCO) in an ontology that provides a structured vocabulary written of document components, both structural (e.g., block, inline, paragraph, section, chapter) and rhetorical (e.g., introduction, discussion, acknowledgements, reference list, figure, appendix)
    • the Discourse Elements Ontology (DEO) is an ontology that provides a structured vocabulary for rhetorical elements within documents (e.g., Introduction, Discussion, Acknowledgements, Reference List, Figures, Appendix). It is imported by DoCO.

Ontologies - Web Metadata

General Lists of Ontologies

Anyone can edit this list / post.

One thing I’m wondering about is ways to leverage Linked Data / RDF with these tools. If anyone can comment on this, particularly wrt content/ontology/markup, that would be great.


Are there any articles that cover document authoring and publishing with Solid or RDF? We could include links here too.

As I wrote this I realise I’ve not thought this through and there is more to it than I realised. Any comments welcome! :slight_smile:



It depends what fits within the spec

We can use to parse document and finally transform NLCST to DoCO.

After that, I don’t know what application will emerge. Maybe something like prettier? Since prettier is powered by unifiedjs + unist.

Oooh that reminds me, I wanted to add markdown-rdfa to this list! It’s a very compelling idea – to write stuff in Markdown/Commonmark, which we’re used to from so many sites (like Github, and this very forum!), but also be able to put in semantic content that ends up as RDFa.


Yes, please, a markdown -> RDFa tool. I’ve thought about that and so, apparently has this person;


Just added to the OP:

Ontologies - Web Metadata