๐Ÿš€ Running nginx+letsencrypt+solid in less then 5 minutes

Together with @MohamedSaidHamed I prepared a all-in-one docker-compose configuration that makes it really easy to run your own solid-server.

Step by step

1. Prepare directories :file_folder:

mkdir -p /opt/solid/data
mkdir /opt/solid/.db
mkdir /opt/solid/config
chown -R 1000:1000 /opt/solid

2. Download and adjust docker-compose.yml :whale:

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/angelo-v/docker-solid-server/master/examples/docker-compose.all-in-one.yml --output docker-compose.yml

sed -i 's/solid.example/your.domain.example/' docker-compose.yml
sed -i 's/your@mail.example/your-actual@mail.example/' docker-compose.yml

(Feel free to do this manually using your favorite editor)

3. Profit Start :rocket:

docker-compose up -d

(solid-server may restart seveal times until the certs are ready, so give it some minutes on first run)

Here is the compose file:


This is great!!! Not tried yet myself (Iโ€™ll let it know my colleagues from DevOps), but all โ€˜toolkitsโ€™ that automatizes any process always helps! Docker is great!

Do you think that could be able to setup a NSS running on a RaspberryPi 4? Would it have enough HDW resources to run it? Have anyone tried this approach? Would be great to setup your own DIY NSS at home! :slight_smile: Donโ€™t you think?


And Solidbox - Debian Wiki

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Thanks for sharing @Smag0!!

(This happens when you ask prior to search on the forum! Lol ^^)