Retrieve user profile information using solid node client?

Good luck!

I ran your script. It returns

TypeError: Cannot read property '‘isLoggedIn’ of null

I have added information on how I installed local NSS on my laptop.In my pc I can use my local pod to login in existing solid app.But when I use in docker “https://localhost:8443” it returns above error. In docker I am using node v10. I can’t upgrade my node due to dependency issue.

I can run NSS fine in node 12. You should troubleshoot with NSS. Neither rdflib nor solid-node-client can run in node 10 so if you stay with node 10, you simply can not use those libraries. What OS are you using?

You might also want to investigate NVM which lets you easily switch back and forth between node versions.

Thanks, I’ll try.I am using Ubuntu 20.04. But I am using rdflib@2.1.3. and node-solid-client@2.0.1 and it’s working fine so far.

Well, I can’t really recommend using outdated versions of the libraries. But if it works for solid community it should also work for local. So the problem may be your login password - there are some bugs I have not been able to track down. You might try it with a different password, try not using any special characters other than *.

P.S. I’m also on Ubuntu 20.04.

Sorry, I still can not access my local pod. Is this happening because I am running my project on docker? But I also uploaded my node solid server on docker and that does not work either.

Sorry, I don’t know anything about docker, and only some about NSS local hosting. From what you’ve told me, it doesn’t sound like the problem is in solid-node-client so I’d suggest you look in the other apps/libraries you are using. If you find something else that does point to solid-node-client, feel free to get back in touch. Good luck!

Ok, no problem. Thank you very much for your help. I’ll update the post as soon as I get a solution.