RDFLib Updatemanager Issue

I am trying to run the UpdateManager function ‘update()’ with a list of statements to upload. This is the error I receive when attempting this:

`parse.js:124 Uncaught (in promise) Exception in update: Error: Error patching: statement does not specify which document to patch:https://jacobmcconomy.solid.community/profile/card#Person1/ActOfOwnership1/Telephone1/StasisOfTelecommunicationEndpointAssignment1/TelecommunicationEndpoint1/TelephoneNumber1/InformationBearingEntity10_6affa9d6b76fb45514336d6e1af2d29d21cae524_N68 http://www.ontologyrepository.com/CommonCoreOntologies/has_text_value “555-555-6789” ., undefined

When I check the first index of my array to see if the statement has not defined the document I see this:

[Statement]0: Statement
object: Literal {termType: "Literal", value: "555-555-6789"}

predicate: NamedNode {termType: "NamedNode", value: 

subject: NamedNode {termType: "NamedNode", value: "https://jacobmcconomy.solid.community/profile/card…ty10_6affa9d6b76fb45514336d6e1af2d29d21cae524_N68"}

why: NamedNode {termType: "NamedNode", value: "https://jacobmcconomy.solid.community/profile/card"}

graph: (...)__proto__: Objectlength: 1__proto__: Array(0)

The why parameter is clearly defined to my card here (and is defined at the same place in all statements) so I am not sure why it says it is undefined.

What really confuses me is when I use ‘update()’ on the initial index (The same index that throws the error) it works perfectly. This makes me think that there is some difference in uploading multiple vs single statements.

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