Rdf (resource description framework)

notes etc on resource description framework (rdf)

To make weighted or qualified properties or predicates:

from @timbl :

"Reification means making something a thing. In rdf when you want a relation with more than two sides, you often just make a blank node to be the thing. In turtle you can write a blank node as [] so you can write for example
[] a :Liking; :liker :Jane; :likee :Linkeddata; strength 100 . say.
That is what you get also from data in a table.

The trick … about making a temporary property in fact you could do in turtle like Jane [ weightedVersionOf likes; weight 100] LinkedData … This is I think called currying (?). It is is quite neat but some systems and some people don’t like blank nodes as the predicate. So I wouldn’t use it. Use [] a :Liking; :liker :Jane; :likee :Linkeddata; strength 100 . or just [] :liker :Jane; :likee :Linkeddata; strength 100 .

You can read turtles [] as “something which “ or when it the subject ‘there is something which’ "

Also, for vocabularies see https://lov.linkeddata.es/ (thanks @NoelDeMartin for the link)

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