Productive Annotation and Linked Data Deployment

Situation Analysis

You encounter an interesting document via the following common scenarios:

  1. Forum Post
  2. Mailing List Post
  3. Some other Document Space on the Web (or your Intranet)


You want to take some notes i.e., do a little more that conventional bookmarking. In addition, you want to be able to treat your activity as a knowledge graph enrichment endeavor and/or basis for exposing your notes to the Linked Open Data Cloud.


  1. Ensure you have a Solid Pod (which provides you with a WebID and WebID-Profile document post registration);
  2. Install the and OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer browser extensions ;
  3. Ensure your browser is viewing the document of interest
  4. Click on the extension icon from your Browser’s toolbar
  5. Authenticate (using WebID-OIDC or WebID-TLS)
  6. Open up the menu by clicking on the “hamburger icon”
  7. Click on the “Save As” icon
  8. Select a folder from your Pod – note, that inline with fundamental Solid App behavior, determined the root folder of your pod by looking up your WebID-Profile doc
  9. Save
  10. Return to the menu and click on the “Embed Data” icon
  11. Use the Turtle or JSON-LD tabs to open an editing space for RDF sentences using your preferred notation
  12. Save
  13. Click on the OSDB Browser Extension icon – to see the metadata you’ve added to your doc
  14. If you want to add your notes to the LOD Cloud simply click the various tool icons [which are labeled accordingly) for doing so

Screenshot-based activity sequence
Document of interest Data Embedding

OSDS Data Viewing, Export, Transform, and Load

That’s it. You’ve surreptitiously created content for the LDO Cloud that’s highly discoverable (i.e. has a high Serendipitous Discovery Quotient [SDQ]) .


  • YouTube Screencast – Demonstrating the Steps above.
  • – Solid-compliant Tool for Productive Read-Write interactions
  • OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer – “Deceptively Simple” Extract, Transform, and Load operations for interacting with the LOD Cloud
  • LOD Cloud – massive collection of Linked Open Data that collectively provide a decentralized Knowledge Graph (spawned from DBpedia) where every entity, entity type, and entity relationship type is unambiguously identified by a hyperlink (specifically, an HTTP URI)
  • DBpedia – ground-zero Linked Open Data Cloud deployed using OpenLink Virtuoso .