Posts must be at least 20 characters


Why is there a rectriction on 20 characters on posts in this forum? I cannot put a “Nice work!” in a post without adding “(posts must be at least 20 characters)” to the end.


well at least we’re not limited to 140 characters:-)


Heck, there are only 236 of us characters on here right now…


It is one of those features of Discourse that many people seem to find annoying, me included, but I guess it is to try and limit the amount of “Nice work!” posts which can also get in the way, and encourage us to hit ‘like’ instead. I think a super-like might be better, available after a given trust level. But it isn’t a big deal for me…

What annoys me most are the “Your post is similar to xxx” popups which appear after I’ve typed two or three words on the SAFE forum (because we have a lot more content there) and will eventually start here. Popups are generally bad UX IMO, only good for serious issues like security, where a degree of coercion is appropriate.

But on the whole Discourse is brilliant forum software, speaking as both ex moderator and user, and I’m really glad Inrupt chose to go with it.

Getting back to the 20 characters issue. I don’t think there is a way to change that or I would probably have seen it suggested. But Discourse have their own great support forum, and people can make plugins to extend and customise it, so if it really annoys I’d take a look there.


Discourse does in fact allow you to tweak the minimum post length. There are two settings, one for someone’s “first post”, and another for all posts in general.

By popular demand, I’ve changed both of these settings to 10 characters :slight_smile: