Nita Farahany: When technology can read minds, how will we protect our privacy?


I think this is an extremely interesting talk, and is another example of the need we have on controlling our data.

Nita Farahany: When technology can read minds, how will we protect our privacy?


I had and still having this experience and its real that technology is reading our minds, for eg: if you look since 2013 onwards this read mind started if am not wrong and it started by Google and other companies too and Facebook since late 2016, each year it developed, like if in my mind i want to type the word “ball”, i type the letter “b” and pop down the word ball appear and i get surprised that how does it happened, i had a doubt if i had this problem lol, then i got to understand its really.
Such issues should be stopped and other countless no.of problems in open internet, otherwise its too bad, many people doesn’t know about it.


Just to note, those auto-suggestions are more probably generated based on previous searches (e.g. a lot of people have searched for ball, so the search engine thinks you might be interested as well) rather than the search engines having read your mind :wink:

Of course, in many cases, like Google, they also create a profile on you that influences your results. That profile could have more nefarious sources; maybe not mind reading, but sources that you might haven’t really consented that they should have on you.


So that means will there be a way to stop such algorithm that produces mind reading or not to be used, as such it wasn’t there like seven years, as you mentioned that they create “nefarious sources”. There have to be solutions for all problems and problems yet to come in future.
In solid inrupt project will there be solutions to problems such as this or anything else ?