Means to know out what public data is on POD?

While skimming through users profile descriptions (those usually in profile/card.ttl), I recognized that there no information on what is actually is available on the POD.

Probably it would be useful to have some standard ways to describe available public data.

Personally, I have a number of data sets in Turtle format, I would like to share (list of programming languages, all Russian settlements with coordinates, milk factories in Russia, left videobloggers and their interrelations, etc.) Some of them are richer in number of objects and facts, than wikipedia (dbpedia).

But how I could tell about what I placed on the POD, that someone’s other agent (bot, crawler) was able to recognize and mark what his owner needs, while traversing Solid web?

Any hints or ideas? Lets elaborate this and use to share our data!

Traditionally, this has so far mostly been done through type indexes.

There’s also a Data Interoperability Panel that is thinking about what that should look like in the future, so it might be worth it to join one of their meetings.


Vincent, thank you for advice! It seems I indeed should pay closer attention to the existing working groups and panels.

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