Log in with Certificate (WebId-TLS)

Hi all,

I tried to log in to Inrupt.net using the WebId-TLS from any of the 4 options but it didn’t work. According to the WebId-TLS (draft) specification I should be able to choose my certificate even if it is self-signed. When I click to log in I am presented only one certificate from my organization that is signed by a CA. I cannot see my self-signed certificate even if it is in my Personal certificates folder (in Windows). Maybe Solid doesn’t really follow the specs ? Thanks for any suggestion.
By the way, my WebId is:

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I just create my first Solid pod in the inrupt.net service. However, I got the following error message when trying to log with WebID-TLS:

error:1420410A:SSL routines:SSL_renegotiate:wrong ssl version

I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or if WebId-TLS is not supported yet. I found this two years old unanswered topic by @luigiselmi, so I guess that it is the latter.