Is there a SOLID YouTube Channel

I thought I found a YouTube Subscription/Channel with loads of videos on SOLID and subscribed to it but I cannot seem to find it again. You cannot search YouTube Channels and they have cryptic URL’s.

Hope someone can help.


The Solid World recordings are posted to Vimeo, maybe you’re looking for that?

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No, but thank you, maybe I was dreaming as I also thought I found a Tim Berners-Lee YouTube channel as well and subscribed to that also : |

There’s a youtube channel by which has many videos on Solid. I haven’t watched the videos though, so I don’t know how related they are to and/or if they are about general solid topics. Might be worth a look anyway!


There’s a youtube channel by @jaxoncreed, and the videos there are fun and approachable.


Ah great thanks A_A ! This was it !!!