Is it possible to get triples of a POD?


From my understanding, the entire POD can be represented as collection of triples (correct me if i am wrong). If so, Is it possible to retrieve the triples of a POD?

You can certainly retrieve the triples incrementally (eg start with the root container and recurse over any subcontainer). You could merge all this into a single graph.

You might be able to retrieve them in larger depth using SPARQL, but I’m not sure.

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Thanks for your reply. Will give it a try.

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@Leoudayan did you manage to query the whole pod? I think the incremental navigation through a pod to find something is a bad way to do things, it should be queryable entirely. Say I want to get all the data of a specific type of a pod which I am entitled to read, is that possible?

Yes, one could get all triples in a pod by walking the container tree. But a pod is not a necessarily a graph. It could be a single graph, in which case there would be an entry point and one could follow one’s nose to all triples. More like the pod is many graphs and the only way to get them all is find them.

It is possible to find only certain types of items if the app which created the data properly put a pointer in the publicTypeIndex or privateTypeIndex. In that case, any other app can simply look in the indexes and find e.g. all Bookmarks or AddressBooks.

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