Inrupt Javascript Client Libraries Errors?

Hello all,

I was following the example for the Web Server at Inrupt Docs and the redirect back to my callback is failing. I changed it from ${req.url} to /login/callback, however the redirect from the Inrupt OpenID consent endpoint is not returning back to my app.

Hello @gaz009,

Can you be more specific? What is the flow you experience? From your description, it sounds like a user arrives to the homepage of your application, initiates login, is successfully redirected to the OpenID Provider, logs in, is redirected away from the OpenID Provider, but isn’t redirected to the callbakc endpoint of your application?

Is your application using a Client ID Document, or is it using the default Dynamic Client Registration?

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Sorry it took so long to get back on this but it can be closed as it is fixed now - someone else raised the issue on github.