Idea: Launcher App

Hey all :slight_smile:

The overall goal for this project is to make a cohesive, stable user experience for a person’s daily technological needs. This is very similar to how iPhones and Android devices come pre-loaded with practical software, but this is inside the Solid ecosystem.

The Launcher App is a collection of apps that follow a similar paradigm and can be styled cohesively. Each app intends to be an MVP of “Do one thing well” with the aim to be hackable even by novice developers.

These are the apps that I could use as a daily driver to get me out of the Google ecosystem. In no particular order:

Calendar - Planned Events
Schedule - Day at a glance
Calculator - Calculator with history a la "ribbon printing"
Minesweeper - Just a simple 8 x 8
Address Book - Addresses of contacts
Messages - Groups and private messages
Birthdays - List of upcoming birthdays for contacts
Alarm - Alert at explicitly stated time
Timer - Alert after a certain amount of time has passed
Stop Watch - Track the lapsing of time
Clock - Displays the current time in an aesthetically pleasing way
Notes - Store individual notes
Photos - Manage and view photos in albums
Maps - Search for a destination and compare it to current location
Camera - Snap photos and view the camera roll
Contacts - List of all contacts with the ability to manage
Files - File management system (I think this could just be the Pod Browser?)
Music - Music player
Videos - Video player
Podcasts - Podcast player
Books - Book reader
News - RSS reader
Library - A directory of Solid Apps and downloadable data such as books, videos, movies, podcasts, news
Routine - A personal assistant to help keep the user on their pre-defined routine for the day
Friends - A feed of updates shared by friends
Settings - Manage preferences for all apps

These apps likely have a lot of overlap on the Solid data they’ll access, but have been broken apart by how the user thinks. For example, Address Book, Birthdays, Contacts, Messages, Friends all will grab information from /profile/card#me, but their presentation is going to be different depending on the user’s current state of mind.

No development has been started on this yet. I’m happy to team up if there’s overlap with either existing projects or interests. Currently, I’ve got zero Solid expertise, but a decade of web dev & design, so any guidance is super appreciated. I know some of these apps are built or are being built, maybe there’s an opportunity to streamline them together for the sake of the user.

What do you think?


Hi Tractor Hacker :grin:, if you don’t want to start from scratch, your help is welcome on Popock.
Already fonctionnal :

Based on vuejs, should be compatible with react/angular components :slightly_smiling_face:


I like this initiative and see opportunities for collaboration with myself and other developers on Safe Network. So I made a post on the Safe developer forum to see if other Safe app developers might be might be interested:

I’m paused on my Solid on Safe work at the moment, but will check in with this when I pick it up again, in the mean time good luck!


Thanks @Smag0! I’ll look into Popock :slight_smile:

@happybeing thanks for the x-post! That seems like it could be an awesome cross collaboration if there’s interest

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