How would Solid work on the Metaverse?

Hi I am writing an article about privacy on the Metaverse and want to talk about Solid as a possible solution to data security. The Metaverse hosts new sets of data, including voice and biometric, height, location etc how do you envisage Solid could work on the Metaverse?

I will link back to the forum from the article. Thankyou

I think you will have to define what you mean by “Solid could work on the Metaverse”. Are you talking about Facebook?

“The Metaverse hosts new sets of data” - okay, that phrase right there means that Solid is not compatible. In Solid users host their own data and central servers do not.

Ok so just to clarify jeffz Solid can’t hold data for metaverses or online games?

Well, I am still not sure what you mean by a metaverse, but Solid can hold any kind of data. What it can’t do is depend on a server to hold a user’s data in a way that lets anyone but the user decide on access.

Online games - for sure. There are some demo apps of chess and others.

Thanks thats great information, so if its already working on online multiplayer games then this would include the Metaverse. The Metaverse is such a broad term it encompasses MMORPG as well as extended reality. Here the extract from the article please let me know if this is correct -

" Another solution to data collection is being worked on by Solid The Solid Project, led by Prof. Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web), is an open-source platform that aims to allow people to control their data and stop the misuse of data on the internet. Solid is a specification that lets allows secure data storage through decentralised “Pods”. Pods are data servers that people can control access to. This enables people to manage their data usage. The specification has already been demonstrated in multiplayer online games such as chess, so it could provide the privacy solution the Metaverse is crying out for. The project may have profound implications on privacy and how web 3.0 applications and the Metaverse will work."

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Some other examples being worked on - apps to share recipes and lists of movies watched, a privacy enhanced period tracker, feed readers, blogs and more.

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Excellent thanks Jeff, I really think Solid is a great solution and can prevent the privacy exploitations of web2.0 repeating on web3.0 applications.

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