How are panels etc working on GitHub?

Sorry to use your reply here Jeff, feel free to ignore this, but it prompts me to wonder how well the use of GitHub and panels is working.

It may be that those involved in the panels find that GitHub works well for them?

It doesn’t do it for me, so I wonder what those who are engaged in panels think, and also those who are not.

I am watching one panel (interopability) on GitHub, but confess I don’t find myself reading the notifications even on that.

I scan GitHub notifications daily and read probably about ten each day, but I’ve never seen one from the interoperability panel that makes me think I should go and read it. For me to realise there is something interesting to me on another panel requires me to actively go and seek it out, so I may miss things.

GitHub notifications aren’t really designed for that purpose and don’t work well for it IMO. The same goes for the weekly updates. I think I’ve looked at one, found the structure makes reading it tedious, and since then tended not to bother.

The whole UX discourages that IMO, so I think using GitHub for this is less effective than if this was done on this forum. I read literally every post here. Same on the SAFE forum - where there’s much more activity - because it is a very easy and satisfying UX. I can quickly scan stuff to see if it is of interest, and move on if not. If I have something to contribute I hit reply.

I also read or skim all the posts on about six of the Solid gitter chats for the same reason: it’s quick and easy / a good enough use of my time.

What experiences do others have?

The interoperability panel hasnt posted minutes for a while, afaict.

I think the panels were a great idea. I tried to start a couple of them but it was suggested that they were distracting from the main business of the other panels. If I were as good as I should be, I would have ignored that and persevered, but i have too much going on in the rest of my life to do that. I think the auth panel is especially important, and also I didn’t realize how important the interoperability panel is too. But just because they are important doesn’t mean that other things can’t go on in parallel.

If you are working on a panel I would encourage you to drop a pull request This Week in Solid every week with an overview of activity and plans to let other panels know what you are up to.

This is the material I use during the Weekly calls every Thursday as well. So if you would rather not submit a pull request another option is to drop in the call, give an update and listen to others.

What would make all the difference is the engagement of the panellists with making sure others are up to date. Any input is very much appreciated :slight_smile: