Footprints spec and examples

Hopefully its ok if I repeat this from the gitter chat here :slight_smile:

Jose Emilio Labra Gayo @labra 02:09
As part of a Software Architecture course that I teach, this year I asked the students to create a Routes Management system called ViaDe. The assignment description is here:
Last year I asked a similar assignment where they had to implement a solid chat system and they implemented 14 solid chat systems which worked but had an interoperability problem, i.e. the 14 solid chat apps were using different data models (shapes) so they were not able to interoperate between them
This year I asked the students to try to tackle the interoperability issue from the start, so I created a kind of spec with the intent to specify a common data model. The draft of the Spec is here:
As you can see, some students created some Shape Expressions to define a commont routes data model

Jose Emilio Labra Gayo @labra 02:14
It would be great if more people from the Solid community could jump in and provide more feedback about that Spec
As an example, one issue that a student raised (Arquisoft/viadeSpec#4) is about specifying the name of the folder were all the routes should be stored in the pods…I have the feeling that doing so is too limited, what would be a better practice?

Sylvain SAINT ANDRE @sylvainsta_twitter 06:10
@labra I think that is the point of “footprints” but it’s a work in progress. You can have a look here for the big picture ( and here to see the current work

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