Event on NGI research & development projects using Linked Data

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick message to let you know that the Dutch internet charity NLnet foundation which I work with, is organizing an event that might be of interest to you. On June 21st 9.30 CEST we host a webinar on R&D projects utilizing Linked Data that are funded by the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative. As you may know, NGI is an initiative funded by the European Commission to contribute to a more trustworthy, resilient and sustainable internet, which is done amongst others by funding R&D projects, most of which are open source. NLnet organizes two of these grants in the NGI Zero program (https://nlnet.nl/NGI0).

As NGI Zero and other NGI grant programs support a range of projects that utilize or advance the state of art in Linked Data, we thought it would be good for these developers to come together and share their progress and discuss their approaches. On June 21st starting 9.30 CEST a number of these projects will present their work as well as answer questions and discuss with anyone joining. As a number of these projects are related to Solid (think of the Solid-Nextcloud integration PDS Interop, PROV4ITDATA and Solid-Shape).

Feel free to join the webinar next Monday, registration is not required. The event will also be recorded should you not be available at that time. Check out the presenters and the entire program here: NLnet; Next Generation Internet webinar on Linked Data. Hope to see you there! :wave: