ETag best practice?

Ok, question about ETag best practice!

  • Generating an ETag on each GET/HEAD request is not a great ideal for “zippyness” and workload.
  • So instead, generate an ETag on POST/PUT/PATCH


  • where does one store this ETag?
  • I want to say the .metafile… does this seem right?

any opinion/help much appreciated here.

I don’t know if this from this thread is useful?

Just to note that this question is from a server perspective, where the server in principle only needs to calculate an Etag when a resource changes.

The Etag absolutely must still be sent on every client request because the resource on the server might have changed between requests by any given client

ETags are managed by the server to allow a hub and spoke model where clients are responsible for conflict resolution and the server is responsible for naming versions.