Error when trying to PATCH a resource on SOLID

I am experimenting with writing to my solid POD, following the example given here :

I can create , read and update (with PUT) with no problem, but when I try PATCH, here is the error I get:

Patch: Target application/octet-stream file syntax error: Error: Error: Don’t know how to parse application/octet-stream yet while trying to parse as application/octet-stream

Any idea what it can be ?

I am using PostMan to test, I set the body of my PATH request to raw :

DELETE DATA {<> “Going to Social Web WG” .}; INSERT DATA {<> “Going to Social Web WG in Paris” .}

the content of the resource is :

@prefix as: _
<> a as:Note; _
_ as:content “Going to Social Web WG”;

_ as:summary “My summary”.

and content type (for the PATCH request) is application/sparql-update

Thank you for help!

Probably you didn’t set the content type (text/turtle) while creating it?

And if you would provide an example of a public resource, it would be easier to reproduce the issue :))

Thank you !

I thought I did, but there was a typo : text/tutle without the r …

It is now working :slight_smile: