Error report: setPublicAccess from universalAccess not working as expected

Hello everyone, here is the deal, when I try to use setPublicAccess it doesn’t return null, but returns an access object that is unchanged.
To clarify this: I provide the updates to public access, but those are not applied as if I don’t have permissions to change them, but in that case I should receive null as a return, but I get the unchanged access object.


Console output

Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 10.58.39 PM
Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 10.59.05 PM

Unfortunately I don’t know much about how access on works nowadays, but I imagine it would be easier for people who do to help you if you also share what network requests you see (e.g. in your browser’s network monitor).

Hi All,

Thanks for reporting this problem. We are logging this a as a bug and will keep you posted on the progress.


Sure, thank you. Do you want me to report it via github?

Sure, it doesn’t hurt if you do but feel free not to as well, we will look into this anyway :slight_smile:

I have created a bug report on the github:

furthermore I have also added that the function getPublicAccess suffers from the same problem.
On top of that in the reply message to the bug report that I have linked, after an investigation of the source code I described where the bug might be coming from.