Document which .well-known entries solid-server wants to serve

@Jernst wrote:

"My default setup for websites has the .well-known directory somewhere else than the document root, as often something goes into that directory that the app installed at document root knows nothing about, and should know nothing about. But it appears that solid-server wants to serve some content there itself, like .well-known/solid and .well-known/openid-configuration .

It would be a good to have a complete list of those, so we can write our webserver config files correctly."

@Melvin responded:

" @jernst where are you hosting your .well-known URIs?

here is the list of registered names

we should register solid too!"


ā€œIā€™m just trying to find out which of those in that list (or maybe there are others not on the list) need to be mapped to solid-server, so that all others (say webfinger) can still be found in that separate directory.ā€