Cannot create .acl file because of Content-Type

I am developing a solid application. In my app, when I create a new file, (data.txt) I want to create a new .acl for this file (data.txt.acl). However, when I don’t specify content-type, the .acl is created on the server but it cannot be accessed ( Error: Don’t know how to parse application/octet-stream yet while trying to parse <https://mypod…/public/test/data.txt.acl> as application/octet-stream). In contrast, if I specify content-type: ‘text/turle’ , the .acl.ttl will be created, instead of .acl. So, how can i fix it?

Here is what i have:

  • solid server ( version 5.1.4
  • using solid-file-client

Version 5.x of NSS has changed the way that file extensions are handled and there are several unresolved issues which the developers are working on. See If you can, it may be best to wait a few days to see if this can get resolved. I am working on an updated version of solid-file-client but it isn’t ready yet. In the meantime, you may have better success with fileClient.fetch( foo, {method:“PUT”,… headers including content-type}).