BBC Databox project


The BBC has a project for an open source home device to manage and control your personal data:

Databox sits at the centre an individual’s personal data ecosystem to enhance accountability and control over the use of personal data by third parties. The Databox is an open-source networked device, augmented by cloud-hosted services, that sits within the home. It allows individuals to securely manage third-party access to their personal data, including online sources of data, and enables authorised third parties to provide the Databox owner with authenticated applications and services that leverage their personal data

Research project using Databox:

Databox will play a central role as part of the £20m new Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI) Care Research & Technology Centre at Imperial College London to enable people with dementia to live in own homes for longer.


I think I have heard of this project before, but I think I never saw any mention of Linked Data in it, in which case I don’t see how it can be successful. It would be a bit like trying to build a web without hyperlinks. I have seen other projects that try to create private clouds and then build hugely complex protocols to allow people to share information. It’s a bit like going back to the 1980ies with PCs except that they place the storage on the internet.

But I may be wrong, as I have not researched it in detail. Please link to relevant material if so.