Activity Streams / Pub, SOLID, SHACL / SHEX

Has anyone seen a good example regarding the combination of:

  • Activity Streams / Pub
  • SHACL / SHeX

One thing im also trying to understand is how SHACL / SheX might relate to Activity Streams / Pub extensions etc .

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A ShEx-form generator can be found here

And ActivityPub vocab is used when you post on poPock blog -> an Article object is created on publisher’sPod and
a Create activity referencing this object is generated at
So the publisher owns the Article and can modify/manage it. And listening to the agora’s inbox folder with websocket can act as a ActivityPub server.

SHACL and SheX are ways to define what data should look like in a way that software can take that definition, and validate whether actual data matches it. So they could relate to e.g. ActivityStreams/-Pub in the sense that you can (and maybe someone has) defined what AP data should look like in either format, such that you could verify arbitrary data and verify whether that looks like e.g. an AP “Activity”.