A private document store

I would like to see some sort of standard for a document store where others can “send” documents to me. Much like an e-mail account but with a handshake of some sort where I can grant write-only access to others.

Then I would grant access to my doctor such that she could store (copies of) my journal on my POD and send personal letters to me. I could also grant access to my lawyer, the driver’s license office and so on.

It should be easy for others to locate my private document box and notify me, for instance by mail, of either a request for access or new content.

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Can’t you do that via the inbox? Your doctor can send the data to the inbox and nobody else can read it but you.

Sure, but that is a rather raw version - like asking your doctor to write assembler code :slight_smile: I am asking for a standard document meta data format (sender name for instance), a standard notification mechanism and an accessible app to interface with the documents - for instance by having an inline PDF viewer, sorting and searching through the documents and so on.

Something to implement, for instance, the Danish e-Boks but without the big central authority in the middle: https://www.e-boks.com/corporate/en/customer-cases/the-confederation-of-danish-employers/

For notifications there is Linked Data Notifications and/or Activity Pub . For a standard vocabulary there is Activity Streams .