We are not sure how we could share files between users


You can view json files with the solid-filemanager I’ve made: https://otto-aa.github.io/solid-filemanager/?url=https://victorgon.inrupt.net/public (No need to login for public content). You should also be able to edit/copy/rename/… files with it, though I’m not 100% that everything still works as I don’t check it regularly.


@AdrianPerezManso @AnaGciaSchz & friends
this could also help you to deal with inbox https://scenaristeur.github.io/socialid/
source : https://github.com/scenaristeur/socialid

When logged you should be able to post to inbox of your friend but they must grant you/everyone to submitter before Solidarity - first shot for a 🐈


@Smag0, I’m taking a look to this application you just commented. Do you know if there is anyway to use it inside the application, without using the browser?

By the way, I will keep the “application/json” format, despite the fact it is not shown as text mode, because our application parses perfectly the content.


It can be included in any app just use the solid databrowser to grant the rights of your inbox (if you want that I can respond to you;-)
Then add me to your friends ( https://spoggy.solid.community/profile/card#me ) and you should be able to post to my solid inbox. Now I’m going to eat but I will respond to you soon after… And you should see in the app, the same message that you will find in your inbox folder. You can also try with all of your friends :blush:


I don’t know which permissions I have to give of inbox. I also already added you, and I think I’m able to send you a message, but I tried with @uo264074 and did not work. I suppose it is related with the inbox permissions


He must grant everyone to submitter, see here Solidarity - first shot for a 🐈
Not received, not sure that it works today… :thinking: But sure that It worked and this is the principle how it can work but I must investigate


Sorry I did not send you the message. Check out now


i got my inbox misconfigured, there was no trailing slash, could you try to send me

i’ve just send one to https://victorgon.inrupt.net/profile/card#me inbox


Okey, I’ve recieved your message. How do I include now this in the application? Because right now if I wanted to share a file I would have to use it externally.


Well it’s not ready yet for inclusion…
it’s a proto now, you can be inspired for the code & now you know how it works.
Soon i will make it as a part of Shighl lib for Solidarity…
inspired with that app.
… but first I must finish the infinite scroll for Solidarity

Help is welcome :wink:


OK @Smag0, I will make an update:
I’m using the part of your code that deals with sending messages (hope it you don’t mind), and I tried to do it in my application, but it seems that it does not work. If you could tell me which is the issue I would appreciate it.

This is the code I have taken from you:



And this is the error I get:


Can you try to send to https://spoggy.solid.community/inbox/ please?
Prefer to use .ttl instead of .txt


This is the error now:

I changed to .ttl and still the same error


Can you uncomment the console.log?


Oh wait, I’m not sending to the incorrect URL,because I’m taking just the name (Spoggy), not the webId (https://…)


Seems like it is already sent. Do you have something in your inbox?


Félicitations ! Yeah! I got something !

Sender is undefined but I got it !

To send to your friend, he must grant your webId or everyone to Submitter, so it can be authorized


We finally got it!!

We have decided to change a lot of stuff but we are pretty convinced about the results. We’ll put here what we have done:

  • Put Everyone as Submitter in folder “inbox”
  • Put Everyone as Viewer in “public”
  • Put the file you want to share in “public” folder or any subdirectory
  • Send to the user’s inbox the URL of the file
  • The user should have access to read the URL that is in the content of the file

Thanks to everyone that has participated on this post.


Great ! Welcome to the Decentralization !

This is the way i think : the producter of the data store it on his POD & stay the owner , then he share it as he wants :wink:

I thought the forum had a bug with 16 notifications !