Solid Calendar App

A thread for people looking to work on a calendar app.

I’m planning on building a calendar and task management app on top of linked data technology.


I’m also interested on building calendar app although I have only limited time to work on it.

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I think team/family calendars and to do lists are a great show case for how to use private data without centralizing them.
I have some - very traditional though - IT background and could support such an undertaking in my free time as a hobby.
Is there any activity going on?
Regards Eberhard

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Only “activity” what I have done is just checking how could I start implementation. So basically I haven’t done anything concrete. I was thinking to get some open source React based calendar as a base and then add Solid functionality to it.

But, due lack of time, this is all I have done so far.

I am working with a team which recently created an alarm app which has a backend similar to a calendar which can be found here We would be able to easily create a calendar app that can read/write data from a user’s solid pod.


Hi @Dylan24Martin,

Wonderful! Perhaps you could add it to the app listing


I will add add it to the app listing, currently I am in the early stages of development. Currently I plan allowing users to create and store events in their pod as well as querying events back that occur on a specific date. If anyone has any additional ideas or features they want to see added or want to help please let me know. Thanks.

I just completed the alpha version of my calendar app which stores data in a user’s card. I did not implement remote hosting yet however you can clone it from This is one of my first web apps so please give me feedback. Thanks.


Just rolled out an update for the calendar app where the app now stores the events in a document called events in the user’s private folder instead of appending it to the card.