Solid App Listings Page?

Hi Everyone,

Is there a page or topic area in this forum that functions as a portal for existing Solid Apps & Services? If not, we could use this post to commence said effort.

Why is this important?

We need an easy to track the growing number of apps and services that support Solid. Ultimately, I envisage moving the entries here into a proper directory deployed using Linked Data principles i.e., enhanced discovery via conventional SEO and emerging SSEO patterns on the Web.

What is a Solid App or Service?

A solution built around the read-write oriented open standards collectively referred to as “Solid” .
A fundamental characteristics (or attributes) include loose-coupling of:

  1. Identity – via a WebID
  2. Identification – via a WebID-Profile Document
  3. Authentication – via various protocols, which include WebID-OIDC as an absolute minimum
  4. Authentication – via Web ACLs
  5. Storage – Read-Write operations to a File System (e.g., Solid Pod or other Data Spaces) or DBMS that supports Solid (e.g., our Virtuoso Platform)

Here’s a simple template to fill in.


Browser Extensions

  • OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer for Chromium Browsers – discovers Structured Data Islands embedded in HTML docs plus an ability to save discoveries to a File System (local using file: scheme, Solid Pod, etc.) or DBMS

  • OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer for Firefox – discovers Structured Data Islands embedded in HTML docs plus an ability to save discoveries to a File System (local using file: scheme, Solid Pod, etc.) or DBMS

  • YouID – create credentials from your browser that are tokenized to an X.509 Certificate connected to a WebID-Profile Document (hosted by a Solid Pod or DBMS)

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  • OpenLink Virtuoso – a DBMS with built in support for Solid i.e., you can mount any Solid Pod to its hosted File System [a/k/a Briefcase], interact directly via SPARQL and/or SQL, or use it as a Solid Pod too

{Add Yours Here}

Libraries & Frameworks

{Add Yours Here}


@kidehen. Thanks much for this resource. Currently apps are listed on with a separate page for apps and libraries (both under the “for developers” menu item. The team is in the process of discussing where this page should live and it may possible end up as a page here on the forum.

You are, of course, welcome to keep a separate list, however you should alert your users that if they want to be listed on, they will have to submit a PR on the page.

We are also in the process of transitioning these listings to RDF and developing a datastore of Solid apps. We hope to eventually have a solid-ui based form system to allow developers to add new apps. Anyone wishing to help in this efforts is welcome to contact me (@jeffz) or the full team at



Anyway, we can still use this space as a beachhead, as and when required.


I ended up creating the post after spending unanticipated time trying to find a solid app that I had recently tested, but forgot to bookmark etc… :slight_smile:

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Ah, well only you know how you want apps organized :-). Fortunately, there’s room in Solid for multiple organizations of the same data.

Page organization as it stands looks fine to me.

BTW – who is responsible for Liqid Chat? All attempts to login fail, across all the IdPs presented (ditto any attempt to use a custom provider).

The apps page lists the author of liqid chat as jaxoncreed · GitHub

This is interesting and has potential universal application. I would like to point to a similar kind of application where Linked Data is also involved, and that is the Murmurations protocol. What’s interesting is that this turns list aggregation around, where a resource that wants to be listed maintains and registers a profile at an index server, and lists / directories subscribe to the index to aggregate desirable listings, based on metadata or specific profiles.

The linked URL is to a SocialHub topic, because Murmurations should really be decentralized and this lends itself well to be federated. Might be another use case for a combined AP / Solid application. Anyway, I’ll mention this post on SocialHub :slight_smile:

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I have it working now.

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What’s happened to the apps page? I can no longer find it.

Okay, I’ve found the solid apps directory.

I’ve also created a Google Spreadsheet mirror that makes conversion to RDF much easier.

Finally, I’ve also opened up a github issue.

@kidehen yep, that’s the place on The plan though is to phase out that page and instead use a user-driven page here on the forum Applications - Solid Community Forum.

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