Showing users' data as a Client application: A marketplace platform issue

Introduction and idea
If you look at a sellers platform like Ebay, users can login and add products to sell. All user data is stored at Ebay. But I’m brainstorming about a simple marketplace platform on solid where users can show products they have and come into contact with buyers. This might for example be useful for low-resource environments where local farmers would like to sell their products and come in contact with buyers. And of course the other way around.

Storing data as a client
Most Solid Client platforms I’ve checked can edit your data on your pod, but what if you have a client that shares data from users. In the aforementioned case a user could add for example that they are selling bananas, not even a price or amount, to their pod. The client application then should be able to show the products of the users that have logged-in (in a list), and buyers should be able to see that list. Is it viable to save the users that have logged-in to gather this data? It won’t be really efficient I think.

The main problem
How could the client application show information of different users? As far as I know Solid clients don’t save any data related to users, not even who logged in once and therefore you can’t gather your user data. Is there a way to do this in a privacy-respecting, efficient way? If you would like to recreate Twitter, or Medium, most data is open and collecting this data out of all user pods might take super long too.

Possible solutions

  • saving pod uris or user data at the client side
  • creating an account at the Client side with your Solid pod

Privacy issues
There are of course some issues with sharing this data to everyone in the world, therefore a solution is that the seller could be anonymized and and the buyer could first try to send a message to the seller to form a connection. In addition, saving the data of users at the client-side is also not really what we want.

Hope anyone can help or has a solution, which I might have overlooked :).

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