Proposal: Build a stronger Solid community presence

Thank you @aschrijver for taking the time to provide feedback.

You can find the Solid community process here and anyone may submit a proposal to alter this process.

Here is a description of how is maintained, anyone can make suggestions by commenting or submitting pull requests.

If you are interested in standardisation the best way to get involved is to join the W3C Solid Community Group and submit a pull request to join panels who hold regular calls (agenda and minutes here). There is an overview of the standardisation work on

Input is very welcome!

Thanks, @MitziLaszlo, I knew about these places, and have also interacted a bit with the panels (Improving panel effectiveness, Solid scope unclear, and ActivityPub vs Solid). The panels are not working for me, they are a fragmented forum for which I lack the bandwidth. I am not a fulltime Solid volunteer.

PS. All the formal processes aside, what do you think about the proposal regarding community and other subject matter in this thread?


@melvincarvalho just now on gitlab:

Primarily our aim is to provide a stable pod for people to try out. But, you’re very welcome to use this site for community related initiatives.

So far apart from @justin there does not seem much enthusiasm for the reorg proposal, though. We’ll see.

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@aschrijver , we may be able to help the Solid community by building a social network for you based on Elgg. While we aren’t die-hard Solid contributors, we see some commonalities with Solid and I think that our two communities can benefit from working together. In the forums I’m Lionheart. In Solid Gitter, I’m VIPv6. And SenseSpidey was also on our team. My name is Kevin.

Recently you’ve said “The world is not as black and white… You could be either anonymous, pseudonymous or fully verified, depending on the situation, and use many identities for that.” We agree on that point. Even though we’re using a CA as our identity anchor, we are creating an ecosystem where individuals are responsible for their actions in a largely distributed way. We see Solid as a tool that gives each user control over who sees what personal data. As such, we are looking at integrating WebID+TLS, WAC (Web Access Control) and such into our systems, including our Elgg-based social communities.

I know that many in the Solid community would want to build the social network entirely on Solid Pods. I suggest that we use Elgg as a bootstrap to such a purely Solid endeavor, initially integrating WebID+TLS authentication and using Solid pods to host user “walls”. If this sounds like something that would interest the community, let’s talk further to iron out some of the specifics.

Thank you for your kind offer, @Lionheart. An interesting project you propose. But the wordplay in the title of this topic does not refer to having a solid-compliant tool for the community to use. Rather it is about the concept of having a flourishing community, embraced by the core members, as productive means to drive Solid towards widespread adoption. I’d advise to move your post to a separate new topic, so it gets the attention it deserves.

True, I took the word “Community” and comments like “…we could use one or more pods on to create and host community pages as needed…” and “…use Solid Pods to host communities and interlink them…” to indicate that at least part of the focus of this thread is to build social functions upon Solid pods. I’m not looking for attention. I just thought that we might be able to help. I’ll leave the offer where it is. If anyone is interested, please let us know.

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There are a few categories on which are regularly updated when there is a request or need.

Also, frequently asked questions from the forum are included on with a short answer. Anyone can make suggestions on how to improve the FAQs with a pull request to