Privacy of .ttl registries

Hi, hope you are well,
In my goal of building a small social network, I find the following use case: Post Note with image (as Instagram)

My question is, could I somehow restrict the visibility of some specific post (registered in social.ttl (image).

I am also considering creating another private .ttl, but the idea is to manage the states of my posts, or generate a file for each post for manage with .acl.

Regarding privacy management I am starting, and I am very interested, if you have links of interest please share me,
Suggestions are welcome!

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The ACL system is document based, so you can only set permissions for the whole social.ttl not for single post resources inside that document.

To change that, you need to have a seperate document for each post.


Thanks for your answer @aveltens, now I make a document for each post:
I already read them perfectly.

Now I want to control access to them in the ACL, to public, private (only me), friends (list of all my friends).

Thanks your suggestions

I haven’t used it myself yet, but Inrupt’s solid-client-js provides an API to manage ACLs

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Thank you for your suggestion!

Note that solid-client is still in beta, though! This is especially relevant when it comes to managing ACLs, with which you can theoretically lock yourself out or give more people access than intended, if things go wrong.