Plug and Play PrivatedataPODs for all users

Hello SOLID Community, we have been working on a plug and play SOLID pod server for the everyday consumer. We have created PrivateDataPODs powerd by the SOLID server, PrivateDataPODs are plug and play servers and can be simply installed in any home with a cable modem or other internet gateway. The users will be able to secure their webID just like they would with hosted pod provides but with the security of the data being truly under the users control. Our podCONNECT technology handles all the dns, certificate, routing and other problems that are hurdles for most users to host their own server. We will be shipping privatedatapods soon and are searching for early adopters, please visit for more details.

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That link does not work. Do you have one that does?

Thanks, for checking it out, I just tried the link from multiple remote systems and I am able to access it, make sure you don’t add it, if you still can’t get to itc can you tell me what error you are seeing, it is running on a deployed PrivateDataPOD so any info on connection problems would-be a great help!


Thanks for your post. I’ve added details of your site to the fist post on the subject of business opportunities using solid pod servers without advertising.

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Ok, I was able to see the website. Do you have an up and running Solid Server? If so, how can we access it?

Each PrivateDataPOD is its own private SOLID server, you can view mine @

Is NSS running on a hardware device you are selling, and the buyer is setting up at home? What about the domain, does the purchaser have to use your domain or can they use their own?

Yes, NSS is running on the PrivateDataPOD and it is delivered fully configured, the user selects their name which becomes their webID. The user does have to use the PrivateDataPOD domain. Once installed at home the user creates their account on their PrivateDataPOD taking control of the webID and the data.

How much data and what are the rates? What type of device is the NSS running on? What about updates to NSS? And do you have a Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy? oops, just seen that on the site about toc and privacy.

Thank you for sharing all of this with the community, and congratulations on setting up your business. It would be helpful for you to put an about us page on the website so that people know who they are doing business with.

The PrivateDataPOD will have a few different options for storage the base model with 32gb of storage will ship out at $99, that is the version we are launching with, larger capacity drives will come shortly after. Updates will be managed for the user via podCONNECT. Good advice on the “about us” look for it to go up shortly! Of you are interested in our early adopter program please email for consideration, we have not worked out all the details yet but the PrivateDataPOD will be reduced in price for our early adopters as well as some portion of the podCONNECT subscription price.

That all sounds great, have you considered something that would allow the user to use the domain they choose?

We have considered it, it poses an interesting challenge. We have not ruled it.

Can you explain what the operating system is that NSS is running on?

The PrivateDataPOD is running a debian varient of Linux.

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Is it running on something like ESP32?
How can it connect to network if it’s plug into USB?
And that means you can use dynamatic DNS to resolve the domain to the ip of my PC?

Would that not be to the ip of the router?

Oh, yes, also neet to deal with NAT.

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The PrivateDataPOD is embedded with podCONNECT, podCONNECT is the technology that provides the solution to all those pesky networking problems, including NAT!

Cool! lol you created something similar to what I described in my post here… Business Opportunities Using Solid Pod Servers Without Using Advertising

I also thought of a cheap device using the ESP32 as described by @linonetwo, or something else that had a loopback cable back into the router Ethernet port. I’m not convinced people will pay for their internet AND a mini POD device + monthly.

If I bought a nice router with the feature of FTP I could plug in a usb stick for my data / photos and video via a Solid feature or third-party service.

If Solid reaches the tipping point I can see ISPs providing their own PODs to customers with decent storage space.

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