(Official) Solid Docker Image?

I really like docker, because it makes provisioning and maintenance easy. What I am missing is an official docker image for solid-server.

Yes, there is a Dockerfile in the node-solid-server project and a description, how to run it. But you need to check out the repository and the necessity to update the config file is not clear to everybody. And it is really suboptimal to do this via docker cp.

So, if there is nothing else I am missing, I am going to start building a production ready docker image.


It would be nice if you could at build time already include a set of users.

This sounds useful for testing, but I will focus on features needed for production use first. Nevertheless you can create a feature request as soon as I set up a repository.

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Personally the actual dockerfile is perfect and I use it as such with a mount data, config.json and .pem files at run time (actually also .db which is not reset by default when the server starts)
This way except for docker build I can use the Synology docker app in personal pod production.

Synology proxy allows the use of webid’s without :8443 port extension.

I use freenom.com as domain provider and sslforfree.com for let’s encrypt certificates.
(Certificates need to be imported in Synology then exported to be in .pem formats).

How do you handle versioning / upgrading? You would have to checkout the version tag from github and build the image from source each time. I would expect to find a ready to use, versioned and well-documented docker image on docker hub or any other docker registry.

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That’s why I stated except for 'docker building image.
I do like your idea of doing and maintaining docker versioned images

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I created a repository on github and started coding on it

Feel free to join me.

I have been running my solid-server image successfully for some time now. Give it a try if you like. It’s also a good way to get started with NSS 5.0.0 :slight_smile:

And on docker hub:

Any feedback welcome.


I’m new to Solid and I have an issue running this docker image, I appreciate if anyone could help me figuring it out :slight_smile:

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There’s work being done on the official Solid container now, check out https://github.com/solid/node-solid-server/issues/1167 to follow or join the conversation :slight_smile: